If you were stranded on a desert island…

My friend Trish just left for her next assignment with the Navy in Everett, Washington. She will be living in the barracks until her house sells and her family can join her. Trish packed very sparingly. She took the essentials and then just a few other items. She packed her books, her knitting, and some cooking items. These three items represent how Trish likes to spend her downtime. I guess you could consider it her “If I were stranded on a desert island” list.

In St. Charles and the surrounding areas I have been blessed to meet people who want to do anything they can to support the ministry of The Sparrow’s Nest. After they hear a bit of background almost inevitably their first question “what do you need?” So here’s my take on our own Desert Island List i.e. what we need.

1.) Prayer- I believe with all my heart that the complete foundation of The Sparrow’s Nest is grounded in prayer. I feel everything we undertake as an organization must glorify God and His grace, mercy, and love sent through the sacrifice of Jesus. The Sparrow’s Nest will be guided by God’s hand. We will have everything we need through His power. We will overcome every obstacle through His might. To accomplish this we will be in constant communication with Him and will move when He tells us to. I believe God’s will be complete whether I pray for it or 50 people are praying. At any rate I want Him to be in charge.

2.) People- The Sparrow’s Nest is nothing without it’s amazing board and small army of volunteers. Literally everyday I make contact with the most amazing people that have some gift or talent to serve young pregnant women in our area. I  understand that this is a huge undertaking but I know each minute detail will be taken care of because we have and will continue to have such a diverse group of people offering up their services. If you are business oriented we can use you. If you are people oriented we can use you. If you are creatively oriented we can use you. If you are spiritually oriented we can use you. If you are detail oriented we can use you. If you’re not detail oriented we can use you.

3.)  Support- The last item we would need on our desert island would be your support. Whether financially or with inkind donations, or even just an encouraging word or sharing our dream with people you know your support will help us stay the course. We still have quite a few mountains to slay and a small forest to kill before we can open our doors but with your essential support this will happen.

The items I would take on the desert island are not easily boxed up or packed up in a suitcase. I wish a good book, a Snickers bar, and a cup of coffee was all I needed. Needless to say prayer, people, and support are essential for our survival.

What 3 things would you pick if you were stranded on a desert island or being shipped off to war?



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