Wow Me Wednesdays

Every day is such a new day for us at The Sparrow’s Nest. Every day is a chance to learn about who we want to be and how we want to get there. We see each day almost as a young child, every experience, every opportunity builds some synapse or connection in our proverbial brain.

We have some very fun and exciting activities coming up this year. But everything needs a name! As a start up we have a chance to explore some new roads and ideas. We can really use the creativity in all of  us granted by the Holy Spirit.

Which brings me to Wow Me Wednesdays. Each Wednesday from now on we’ll give you a chance to wow us with your wisdom and wit. So let’s play a new game today. Let’s brainstorm every possible fun, innovative, creative use of this bird analogy.Titles, songs, scripture, quotes, anything goes today.  If we use part or all of you ideas on any of the projects this year we’ll give you a  FREE Sparrow’s Nest t-shirt!

Here’s a few to get you going:

1. Give flight

2. Good Egg Award

3. Hatchling, Fledgling


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