Limiting Beliefs

Last night I was chatting online with a colleague about the development of our fund-raising plan. I was lamenting, ok , I admit, really I was whining about the struggle to raise funds for The Sparrow’s Nest. My friend only typed two words but they went straight for the jugular. All my friend wrote back was the phrase “limiting beliefs.”

“Limiting Beliefs.” That more than stung.

“Limiting Beliefs.” That was a stab at my heart.

“Limiting Beliefs.” But it was the truth.

Throughout this journey God has called me to dream bigger than I have ever thought possible. He has spurred me on to take on challenges that I feel ill prepared for. He has stretched my intellect and creativity beyond anything I could imagine. And we’re just getting started.

I’m not going to lie. We need money. And I’m going pursue those dollars as if my life depended on it. But the reason I can pursue with such fervor is because it’s not my life that depends on it. It’s the lives of young women who feel trapped and alone and scared in St. Charles County. It’s for the lives of those unborn babies who need to be protected and nurtured. This is not some goofy,  carnival game. This is critical. The time is now.

St. Charles County is one of the wealthiest counties in Missouri and one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. In 2010, our  population was 360,485. I can transcribe that exact number of people into the amount dollars needed to fully fund The Sparrow’s Nest first year of operation DEBT FREE.

I guess I could ask every person in St. Charles County for a $1 to get our doors opened but that seems a little inefficient.  I could have 30 people whose hearts go out to those young pregnant girls bless our ministry with $100 each to get us started. I could ask 300 people who won’t stand by and let innocent babies be killed for economic reasons trust us with $100 and help us reach our May goal. I could ask 60 people who are not limited by their beliefs, who love God and love others, who will step out in faith and make this ministry happen by donating $5000 each.

You may read that and think I’ve lost my mind. You may read this and be utterly offended that I would attach giving with your faith. You may read this and think I’ve lost track that times are scary. But I hope you can read between the lines and see when we allow anything to limit our beliefs, Satan has won. When we allow anything to limit our beliefs in ourselves, in our abilities, in our finances, in our families, in our marriages, in our faith, we limit the power of God.

In Luke 17:5 the apostles appeal to Jesus saying “Increase our faith!” My prayer for us all is that we will desperately run away from our limiting beliefs and fervently grow daily in our faith in God. Not just in our limiting beliefs around money but in anything that  is holding us back from living the abundant life.


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