Did I say Wow Me Wednesday? I meant Thrill Me Thursdays

This is probably one of those great examples of the ideas I have in my head that are somewhat difficult to keep up on my own. So We’ll try this again. By the way, if you would like to help in any way with building this endeavor I could really use the help. So let’s try Wow Me Wednesday or Thrill Me Thursdays once again:

This week’s dream session is this:

I have my vision of The Sparrow’s Nest but I’m dying to know what your vision is. What do you think of when you picture helping young mothers? What do you see yourself doing to help the babies?  What does the house look like in your head? What’s one service you feel strongly we should offer?

So Thrill Me, Wow Me!!


2 responses to “Did I say Wow Me Wednesday? I meant Thrill Me Thursdays

  1. Susan Zimmerling

    I see myself talking with these girls and assuring them that their life and the life of their baby will be OK. A really good friend of mine just used the phrase “let go of outcomes”. I want these girls to know that this may not be what they had envisioned for their life but that God has a plan that is even better than they can imagine . I want the girls to know that they were born for a reason and that their baby was conceived for a reason…a plan so great that it defies human understanding!!!

    • What’s so cool Susan is I can see you doing the all those things. I’m so excited to be able to benefit from your years of expertise in parent education matched with your profound faith. I know you are going to make a lasting impact on our community.

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