Just Shootin’ the Breeze Tonight

When all is said and done I may just write a book about this experience. Maybe I can give someone a clear path on learning how start something like The Sparrow’s Nest. Because the Lord knows I could use such a book.

I’ve always been a dreamer…someone who can see the big picture. I’ve always figured the details will work themselves out or someone else will figure those things out. This time is different. Suddenly it falls on me to determine the details and the minutia. So tonight, I’m just going to process what’s in my head tonight here on the blog. Just shoot the breeze and let you know what I’ve been up to lately

So far this week my time has been spent developing our mailing list with about 2-3 other volunteers. We’re gearing up for our first big mailing at the end of April. However, I’ve impressed even myself by setting up an Envelope Stuffing Party on Tuesday March 29 at 6:30. Yes, I know…a FULL MONTH before the letters need to go out for our 30K in 30 Days Campaign in May. I have to say I’ve impressed even myself. 🙂

My main goal right now is the 3o K in 30 Days campaign. I really need the community support to be able to start applying for startup seed money grants from foundations. We’re switching our online giving to Secure Give in a week or so. Then you’ll be able to set up your monthly giving. I hope you are starting to pray about what your family can do for The Sparrow’s Nest each month. I have no idea the blessings that will come from that act of giving from you but I know it honor God. That’s when powerful things start to happen.

I met with Casey Graham who really helped me laser in on our fundraising goal and made it a little more streamline. AKA what is the bare minimum we need to open. Turns out the house is not our major obstacle. We need major financial help for the staffing needs.I also met with Steve Awtry and Tammy Romain from Christian Family Services to share our vision and dream a little dream together. I contacted Melanie McIlroy as our real estate agent. I hope to start looking at some properties with her.

I’ve sent out what feels like hundreds of emails hoping to talk with church leaders and civic leaders. I’ll start following up with phone calls for the next two days. I’ve also been following up with a few businesses I thought might sponsor the 5k race on April 30. The link is up at http://www.bridgewaybh.com

I have quite a few books going right now to learn as fast as I can. I’m reading the Zen of Fundraising, Emyth, Guidebook to Group Homes, and How to Influence. I wish I could just lay them on my head and the knowledge would pour forth. I’ve applied for two small grants mostly to help our blog and website. That was interesting trying to guess at what they wanted me to say.

It seems like everything is important and urgent at the same time. It’s hard to come up with a game plan. I’m mucking through it but I have to say it’s probably not very pretty.

I would appreciate your prayers. Prayers for wisdom and guidance for me. Prayers for clear objectives and direction. Prayers for our funding. Prayers for our board’s creativity and problem solving. And always prayers for the girls, prayers for their babies, prayers for their families.



2 responses to “Just Shootin’ the Breeze Tonight

  1. Michele Arnold

    How funny–I’m wired the exact opposite– I love details, and somehow I miss the big picture. (The only way I can conceptualize the big picture is by adding the details piece by piece.) We should put our superhero forces together for good someday.

    • It takes all kinds! I’m trying to surround myself with detail people but then also trying not to frustrate them with my “green” creative big picture side. Like everything it’s all about homeostasis. 🙂

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