Hold Tight to God

This morning’s message on Joy FM was from the book of Joshua. This is the time when Joshua has become a very old man and he was passing the charge on to the Isrealites. He warned them to not forget what God had done for them. Kind of funny in my mind, but it seems as if he’s warning them not to wander off again when things looked greener on the other side. When I went back to look up Joshua 23 in the Message this is the phrase that stood out to me.

“Hold tight to God, your God,

just as you’ve done up to now.”

You can guess at The Sparrow’s Nest we are holding on as tight as we can to God. Everyday is unknown, timelines are uncertain, abilities are still to be learned, connections area still to be made. Everyday is a deliberate and literal step of faith. Our prayer is to remain in the will of the Lord and that everything we do would bring glory to Him.

Even with all of that, we know that Life is not always easy for our incredible supporters, volunteers, and board members. Our Life on this earth is filled with uncertainty, stress, sadness, frustration and disappointment. It’s very hard to serve others with all of these distractions.

We wanted you to remind you today to hold tight to God. We wanted to remind you that you always have done that and now is the time to continue with perseverance. Whatever comes your way in the next day, week, or month we would like to be there for you just as much or more as you have been there for us over the last couple of months.  We have been so blessed by your heart, by your encouragement, and support.

We just wanted you to know that today you have been lifted up in prayer and that God is holding tight to you.


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