Don’t forget the solution

Wednesdays are brutal for me. For some reason I’ve set that day as my back to back meeting day. I guess I feel if I don’t have it done by Wednesday it’s not going to get done. But Wednesdays are also the days I volunteer as a crisis pregnancy counselor. I try to help parents (who hadn’t really planned to be parents), become the best parents they can be with the skills and resources they possess. Sounds difficult, but my spiritual gift is convincing people to do things they didn’t think they could do.

No matter how much I prepare myself each week through prayer and meditation I usually walk away from Thrive drained. There are ALWAYS young people walking through those doors. There are ALWAYS young parents in the counseling rooms. There are ALWAYS young kids trying to figure out tomorrow. Unplanned pregnancies seem like they will ALWAYS be around no matter how hard we try to educate, encourage, threaten, scare, etc.

I’ve had a few people and more than a few churches say they don’t see the problem of teen pregnancy going away so they don’t want to get involved in something that doesn’t seem to have a solution. I have to mask my first response of “REALLY??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???” and respond with there is a solution. An obvious solution.

This week is Holy Week. People around the world are giving pause to Christianity and to what Christ did on the cross for everyone. Many are considering the love of God this week. For those of us in a community of faith we are preparing for a wonderful Sunday of remembrance and celebration of the Resurrection.

But let’s not lose the chance to share the solution of Christ. Yes, we live in a fallen world. Yes we all fall short of the glory of God. Yes, we are all sinners. However, the solution has been and will always be the love of Christ.

Our problems in this world are only temporary. We have to keep our eyes on the Cross. And more importantly, to those who don’t yet know His sacrifice and His grace and His mercy,  we have to be the ones to share that solution with them.


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