You’re so right. We can’t make a difference.

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I really thought I was going to throw up this morning before the RUSH 5K Run. I really wondered once again if God was going to come through for us. I was so nervous and worried that all  the thought, all the planning, all the meetings, all the to-do lists for this race, would be for nothing. I thought the river might flood. I thought the weather would continue to be awful. What if the water wasn’t delivered? What if the porta potties weren’t delivered? What if one of the kid runners gets hurt? What if the timing crashes for the runners? What if no one comes?

And then they came. Literally almost 200 hundred people showed up this morning for our first major fundraiser. Some heard about our program for the first time ever. The weather was amazing! Extra cups appeared out of nowhere! Volunteers stepped up and did phenomenal things! There were hitches but most of the participants didn’t even notice. Children were happy and running around. People just handed me checks like it was no big deal. Our partnership with Bridgeway was a complete blessing. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

God came through in ways I can’t even imagine.

As you have probably noticed, most days I totally doubt I’m the one to do this. Like Moses, I question God everyday “are you sure I’m the one to get to started?” Until today I thought He was answering “Yes, you are the one to get this started. If not you, who will? ”

Today I heard what He has really been saying.

“You’re right. You’re not the one to get this started. ”

“I am.”

If you’re like me and have any doubts of the difference you can make in the mission of The Sparrow’s Nest then rest easy. No more questioning. You can’t make a difference.

But I challenge you to see how God can move through you to make a difference in this community. To make a difference in the lives of these girls forever. I challenge you to allow God to work a legacy through your life.

What do you think God can accomplish through you?


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