Building Legacy

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We’re closing in on one more of those times in our history. It’s one of those times years from now that you will be able to share with  your friends and family. Just imagine  when your sitting around with the grandkids 25 years from now at the kitchen table telling “I remember when” stories. This is one of those times when you will say “The Sparrow’s Nest didn’t always look like it does it today. It actually started in someone’s basement as an idea, that turned into passion, that turned into a reality. And I was part of it.”

This first financial goal of reaching $30,000 in 30Days has seemed both impossible and obtainable. It has been a thorn in my side and an incredible blessing. It has appeared as both not enough and overflowing. I have lost weight and gained weight over this campaign. I have rejoiced and I have cried. I have waited in excited anticipation and I have woken up in udder dread. I have grown more in this month spiritually and personally than at any other time in my life.

I tell you all this because we are about to clear one of first hurdles. As of this morning you have blessed us with over $28,000. I KNOW! Can you imagine! We just need $2000 to make the goal of $30,000. Thank you so much!

But we don’t want to deter from this goal. We still need to finish strong in the next 4 days. No gift is to small and no prayer can be too big. So if you’ve already given to the GIVE WINGS 30K in 30 Days, thank you. But I have to boldly ask could you consider donating $10 or $20 more. And if you haven’t given yet, think about being part of a legacy. Think about sitting around the kitchen table with the grandkids telling them how you were part of something amazing from the very beginning. Tell them you didn’t think $25 would do much but look what God did with that $25 to make The Sparrow’s Nest what it needed to be.

Don’t stop praying for us over the next 4 days. And while your at it, the next 40 years.

Blessings to you.

Donate today at or mail to The Sparrow’s Nest Maternity Home ATTN Book Keeper 911 Hampshire Heath Dr. O’Fallon, MO 63368


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