Surprise! Did you see it coming?


Image by Andrew Hayward via Flickr

What’s the best surprise you’ve ever received? I think one of my best surprises was my 16th birthday. My friends had a surprise party a month AFTER my birthday. I had assumed the celebration was over and done with. It had been a nice birthday but not really the spectacular event I thought it would be. And then my friends came through with an amazing party. They got me good and the memories have lasted for over 20 years.

That’s where I was last Wednesday with the GIVE WINGS 30K in 30 Days campaign. We had raised a significant amount of money but it wasn’t really what I thought it was going to be. I was happy but a little let down. Just like my 16th birthday.

But then I started chatting with Casey Graham from and started showing me that we weren’t done with this fundraising effort. There were specific things that could still be accomplished. It was time to get FIRED UP again and finish out the campaign strong.

Four days before the end of the campaign we met our goal of raising $30,000 in 30 days. I can’t tell you how many people told me “when I heard about your goal I thought there was no way you would reach it.” But it’s the days that followed that took me off guard. Just like my Surprise 16th Birthday Party, I could not have imagined such a celebration.

This Saturday from 4-6 p.m. we are celebrating at Spencer Creek Park Pavilion our overwhelming success in May. God didn’t just provide $30,000. He has provided over $33,000 and checks are still coming in. Surprised?

I personally want to invite you to this celebration. This is a momentous part of our history and we need to take time to mark the significance. So bring your potluck, join in the washers and checkers tourney, listen to some live music, and come celebrate what you were a part of.

I can’t thank you enough for believing in the mission and vision of The Sparrow’s Nest even before we’ve got off the ground. Wonder what else God is going to surprise us with this year.


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