I can relate to the Rally Squirrel


Image by Californian Em via Flickr

I feel like we have a lot in common with the Cardinals Rally Squirrel. He’s running around crazy trying to get provisions for the winter so he doesn’t freeze and die. He’s so panicked, he’s even willing to risk certain death but racing across Busch Stadium in the middle of a playoff game. Who knows what he what he saw over there that he desperately needed at the moment. Something caught his eye that he viewed horribly important for his survival.

I’m feeling kind of squirrelly myself. I feel like I’m scampering around trying to gather what’s left of the nuts before another winter sets in and we’re still waiting on getting The Nest part of The Sparrow’s nest. I feel desperate to tell as many people and to gather as many dollars before that bitter cold locks everyone away. I’m running around as fast as I can to events, people, trying to gather information and support, as well as dispense information and support.

I need you to feel the urgency. I need you gathering the support in all sense of the word. I need you to rally around us and get a little squirrelly yourself, a little frenetic and crazy in how you drum up support. Through prayer, through words, through your church, through your neighbors, through your civic group, and especially  financially.

How are you getting a little squirrelly for The Sparrow’s Nest?


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