Does Your Phone Ring Non Stop?


Image by tj scenes via Flickr

Does your phone seem to ring


Are you like me and sometimes you just hate to answer the phone? Maybe you are like me and Itʼs not because you donʼt like talking to your friends and family, or because you are avoiding telemarketers trying to convince you to change your cable service. Itʼs because too often, the person on the other end of the line is in dire need of help–and at the moment, the help they need doesnʼt exist.

You see, because of my involvement as a parent educator, pregnancy counselor and church youth volunteer, I frequently receive calls like these:

* Father of a 15-year-old pregnant girl called saying… He didnʼt want to kick her out of the house; he simply wanted to provide her with the opportunity she needed to get her life back on a positive track. After dozens of calls, it seemed that his only option was to send her far away from St. Charles.

* A 16 year old called explaining… she was three months pregnant and her parents had kicked her out. None of her friendsʼ families were willing to take her in, and she had nowhere else to go. She asked me what she should do next.

These are just a tiny reflection of the dozens of similar stories Iʼve heard over the phone these last few years. My heart ached as I shared in the painful reality of each caller. Finally, I decided that this situation had to change–and the idea for The Sparrowʼs Nest Maternity Home in St. Charles, Missouri was hatched.

Plans are underway to open the doors of The Sparrowʼs Nest Maternity Home in  2012. Weʼve made a good start toward raising the initial funding it will take to begin operations and to start making a difference, but we are relying on your help for this dream to take flight.

Right now, we need our supporters to help us “Build the Nest” so together we can start building HOPE. We are looking for lease-to-own houses in north St. Charles with enough space to house up to eight teen mothers and their babies, as well as our staff.

To do this will require every single person reading this letter to take action to raise our first goal of $100,000 by December 31, 2011. We need:

100 people to donate $1000

or 200 people to give $500

or 400 people to give $250

or 2000 people to give $50.

Will you answer this call?

The Sparrowʼs Nest is a registered 501(c)3 organization, and all donations are tax- deductible. You can mail your donation to The Sparrow’s Nest, ATTN: Treasurer, 911 Hampshire Heath Dr, O’Fallon, MO 63368, or if itʼs more convenient, you can make a secure online contribution by hitting the donate button at

What matters most is that you do it today. Each year in our area, dozens of homeless young women and their unborn babies find themselves in urgent need of shelter and support, and they are depending on you to help them find it.

Meanwhile, my phone hasnʼt stopped ringing.

-Carissa Figgins



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