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Come to Journey to Bethlehem with us!

We know a little about going on a journey. We also know a little bit about young, scared, single pregnant young women. In that spirit we want to invite you to join us for Harvester Christian’s Journey to Bethleham. It’s the 20th anniversary of this free, spectacular outside experience of the birth of Christ. They’ve added an extra night this year. Let’s gather our families together for this fun event onWednesday, December 7. Dress warm and in layers and meet up by Harvesters church offices at 6 p.m. so we can get in line together and go on a Journey to Bethlehem.


Where Do We Begin?

Thank You Trash...

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Phillipians 1:3

I thank my God every time I remember you.

How do you begin to thank people for believing in a dream? How do you show gratefulness for people supporting and encouraging vision? There’s nothing tangible there. There’s no t-shirt or certificate or prize. I can only share my heart.

We have so much to be thankful for today. We are rich in blessings and have only God to thank for it all. And you.

We’re thankful for volunteers sitting around a table and asking “how is this ever going to work?” and then praying for guidance and working out details to make it work.

We’re thankful for a Board of Directors sitting in silence, presumably dumbfounded by an obstacle, only to laugh and say “We know this is going to happen, and this is how.”

We’re thankful for the Board of Directors spouses supporting the sacrificial giving of time and money their families have chosen to make to this mission.

We’re thankful for professionals in the area coming to us saying “We believe in what you are doing, we want to be apart of it and help make this dream a reality.”

We’re thankful for our sponsors saying to us “We financially support your endeavors and want to partner with you.”

We’re thankful for our supporting churches telling us “We want to grow with you and make an impact in our community for the glory of God.”

We’re thankful for all the emails, phone calls, and letters telling us to not give up and they are praying for our success.

We’re thankful for all the area service providers cheering us on and reminding us that we are a desperately needed service in St. Charles County.

We’re thankful for all of our supporters feedback to help us take more steps forward instead of backwards.

We’re thankful for our donors entrusting us with their gifts knowing that it may be awhile before we can put their generosity to use.

We’re thankful for our donors who don’t even live in the area, who may not even see the fruits of their labor, but still believe in this ministry.

We’re thankful for those volunteers who are patiently waiting on the sidelines until they see a need for their gift and talent.

We’re thankful for those volunteers who say ” I have no idea how to do that, but I’m willing to try.”

We’re thankful to all the donations of diapers, wipes, maternity clothes, and furniture.

We’re thankful for little things, like postage stamps, t-shirts, and handwritten cards.

We could write for days and days and not cover all the things you have blessed us with this year. I’m sure you gather how in debt we feel to you. Our biggest thanksgiving is just knowing you’re along for the ride, you haven’t forgotten us, and you are still pulling for this dream to become a reality.

What else can we say but, thank you.

If we have been a blessing to you we would love to know in what capacity. What are you thankful for on this Thanksgiving?


A Thread of Gratefulness

two businessmen shaking hands

Thurgood Marshall
None of us has gotten where we are solely by pulling ourselves up from our own bootstraps. We got here because somebody bent down and helped us.

This week is just another typical week of people helping us find our way along this incredible journey.  We’ve had so many people offer services, offer advice, offer their prayers, offer donations, and even offer up their friends!

We just want to take a moment to thank a few. We won’t get everyone but we hope to make this part of our DNA of this organization, this thread of gratefulness.

We want to thank our volunteer Jimmy Teigen for organizing the Sparrow Club to support the Sparrow Scramble on October 1 at Mid Rivers Golf Links. We also appreciate Brett Kunin for being the first to sign up and offer so much excitement and encouragement.

We want to thank our volunteer Ember Figgins for being a fabulous committee chair in organizing the RUSH 5K on May 5, 2012. Her organization and hospitality is top notch.

We want to thank our fabulous board for coming together in prayer and determination. Kevin Thompson, Cesar Silva, Amber Teigen, Anne Schoch, Marla Stover, Sandra Wilhite, and David Trampe are amazing examples of heroes of faith. They have stepped out and offered to lead.

We want to thank Mike Trask from the St. Charles Business Journal for looking at us with different eyes and sharing our story with our community.

We want to thank Marcy Bursac of Shalom House for taking an entire morning to share her mission and so much sage advice for operating a non profit and serving the homeless.

We want to thank Drew Donahue from  AHM Financial Group for walking through our insurance needs and being such a source of encouragement.

And we want to thank Caleb Freeman from Freeman-Richards Consulting for taking our ideas and thoughts about our public image and making them into tangible beautiful ideas.

Whoever said there are no good people left on this earth on wrong. They just all happen to live right here in the St. Louis Metro Area.

Surprise! Did you see it coming?


Image by Andrew Hayward via Flickr

What’s the best surprise you’ve ever received? I think one of my best surprises was my 16th birthday. My friends had a surprise party a month AFTER my birthday. I had assumed the celebration was over and done with. It had been a nice birthday but not really the spectacular event I thought it would be. And then my friends came through with an amazing party. They got me good and the memories have lasted for over 20 years.

That’s where I was last Wednesday with the GIVE WINGS 30K in 30 Days campaign. We had raised a significant amount of money but it wasn’t really what I thought it was going to be. I was happy but a little let down. Just like my 16th birthday.

But then I started chatting with Casey Graham from and started showing me that we weren’t done with this fundraising effort. There were specific things that could still be accomplished. It was time to get FIRED UP again and finish out the campaign strong.

Four days before the end of the campaign we met our goal of raising $30,000 in 30 days. I can’t tell you how many people told me “when I heard about your goal I thought there was no way you would reach it.” But it’s the days that followed that took me off guard. Just like my Surprise 16th Birthday Party, I could not have imagined such a celebration.

This Saturday from 4-6 p.m. we are celebrating at Spencer Creek Park Pavilion our overwhelming success in May. God didn’t just provide $30,000. He has provided over $33,000 and checks are still coming in. Surprised?

I personally want to invite you to this celebration. This is a momentous part of our history and we need to take time to mark the significance. So bring your potluck, join in the washers and checkers tourney, listen to some live music, and come celebrate what you were a part of.

I can’t thank you enough for believing in the mission and vision of The Sparrow’s Nest even before we’ve got off the ground. Wonder what else God is going to surprise us with this year.

Building Legacy

Wooden kitchen table and chairs

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We’re closing in on one more of those times in our history. It’s one of those times years from now that you will be able to share with  your friends and family. Just imagine  when your sitting around with the grandkids 25 years from now at the kitchen table telling “I remember when” stories. This is one of those times when you will say “The Sparrow’s Nest didn’t always look like it does it today. It actually started in someone’s basement as an idea, that turned into passion, that turned into a reality. And I was part of it.”

This first financial goal of reaching $30,000 in 30Days has seemed both impossible and obtainable. It has been a thorn in my side and an incredible blessing. It has appeared as both not enough and overflowing. I have lost weight and gained weight over this campaign. I have rejoiced and I have cried. I have waited in excited anticipation and I have woken up in udder dread. I have grown more in this month spiritually and personally than at any other time in my life.

I tell you all this because we are about to clear one of first hurdles. As of this morning you have blessed us with over $28,000. I KNOW! Can you imagine! We just need $2000 to make the goal of $30,000. Thank you so much!

But we don’t want to deter from this goal. We still need to finish strong in the next 4 days. No gift is to small and no prayer can be too big. So if you’ve already given to the GIVE WINGS 30K in 30 Days, thank you. But I have to boldly ask could you consider donating $10 or $20 more. And if you haven’t given yet, think about being part of a legacy. Think about sitting around the kitchen table with the grandkids telling them how you were part of something amazing from the very beginning. Tell them you didn’t think $25 would do much but look what God did with that $25 to make The Sparrow’s Nest what it needed to be.

Don’t stop praying for us over the next 4 days. And while your at it, the next 40 years.

Blessings to you.

Donate today at or mail to The Sparrow’s Nest Maternity Home ATTN Book Keeper 911 Hampshire Heath Dr. O’Fallon, MO 63368

30K in 30 DAYS Update! Check this out!

You’re so right. We can’t make a difference.

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I really thought I was going to throw up this morning before the RUSH 5K Run. I really wondered once again if God was going to come through for us. I was so nervous and worried that all  the thought, all the planning, all the meetings, all the to-do lists for this race, would be for nothing. I thought the river might flood. I thought the weather would continue to be awful. What if the water wasn’t delivered? What if the porta potties weren’t delivered? What if one of the kid runners gets hurt? What if the timing crashes for the runners? What if no one comes?

And then they came. Literally almost 200 hundred people showed up this morning for our first major fundraiser. Some heard about our program for the first time ever. The weather was amazing! Extra cups appeared out of nowhere! Volunteers stepped up and did phenomenal things! There were hitches but most of the participants didn’t even notice. Children were happy and running around. People just handed me checks like it was no big deal. Our partnership with Bridgeway was a complete blessing. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

God came through in ways I can’t even imagine.

As you have probably noticed, most days I totally doubt I’m the one to do this. Like Moses, I question God everyday “are you sure I’m the one to get to started?” Until today I thought He was answering “Yes, you are the one to get this started. If not you, who will? ”

Today I heard what He has really been saying.

“You’re right. You’re not the one to get this started. ”

“I am.”

If you’re like me and have any doubts of the difference you can make in the mission of The Sparrow’s Nest then rest easy. No more questioning. You can’t make a difference.

But I challenge you to see how God can move through you to make a difference in this community. To make a difference in the lives of these girls forever. I challenge you to allow God to work a legacy through your life.

What do you think God can accomplish through you?