Powerful Prayer

We are praying that :

God is glorified in all we do and say at The Sparrow’s Nest Maternity Home.

You, your family, your small group, your Sunday school class, and your friends will sign up to be part of our prayer team

Our vision will become a reality very quickly.

The young women who will walk through our doors will be transformed from the inside out.

Our community will continue to support our endeavor. Praying favor over the ordinances, permits, and licenses we need.

Our board members will be able to create balance and harmony as they go through life changes.

The Sparrow’s Nest would be fully funded by 2012.

Our amazing volunteers to be filled with creativity from the Holy Spirit, energy and strength from God, and love and compassion from Christ.

Praise and thank you for the Second Blessings ministry at Harvester Nazarene holding a Rummage Sale for us.

Praise and thank you for First Baptist Church Harvester taking us under their missions umbrella.

Praise and thank you for Maryland Heights Church of Christ supporting us monthly.

Praise and thank you for the 33,000 blessings we  received from the GIVE WINGS 30 K in 30 Days campaign in May.


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