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Regaining our sense of invincibility

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For one of my runs this week I forgot to bring a hat or a pony to keep my hair out of my face. I kicked myself for not laying it out with all the other cold weather running gear and high tek performance wear. I just knew this was really going to throw off my times. I prepared myself to be annoyed for the whole 45 minutes. Instead I had an immediate flashback to being a little girl busting out of the classroom and running as fast as I could onto the playground and not giving a darn about my hair or clothes or shoes. Back then I didn’t even know where a brush was most of the time. But I loved to just run. If you saw me running on Wednesday it might have looked more awkward than usual but I loved trying to re-capture that looseness,  that freedom of just being a kid and running. I wasn’t trying to get anywhere. I was worried about form and fitness. I wasn’t worried about times and cadence. I just ran. Time and age and agendas and social acceptance didn’t hold me back. I literally had the wind in my hair.

I wonder how many of us have lost that feeling of just blazing out to the playground. I wonder how many of us are afraid of climbing to top of that crazy metal, dome contraption on most playgrounds. When we were 8,  the top of that thing made us feel like we were King of the World. We really were the center of the universe. How many Cherry Drops did you do from the bars? I wonder when we stopped swinging as high as we could and jumping out to fly through the air. I wonder what made us think flinging ourselves down a grassy hillside is no longer a good idea. Why did we stop climbing up the slides instead of sliding down like everybody else? When did we stop feeling invincible?

Starting The Sparrow’s Nest is a bit like swinging  as high as possible and jumping out and not really knowing if we’ll land on our feet. But the exhilaration of taking a risk, of doing something radically different, of remembering that feeling of being able to do anything at all comes back to us. We have a chance to set the world on fire but this time no one is going to tell us it’s not safe to play with matches.

I know God placed in you amazing dreams that you may not have ever verbalized to anyone else. I know He placed in you that need to be of something big and something important. I know that whatever is important to you, the things you value, the things you want to take flight, we can use those at The Sparrow’s Nest.  Together we can climb to the top of the dome, we can run and feel the wind whip our hair around, we can set the world on fire. With God we can feel invincible again.

Tell me what you are passionate about, tell me how you want to set the world on fire.


If I could just have a moment of your time

Tell the truth, what’s your first reaction when you see people standing outside your grocery store collecting money or certain door knocking religious types walking up your street? What do you do when someone taps you on the shoulder and asks, “if I could just have a moment of your time? Do you suddenly get a phone call you have to take right then? Does something of utmost importance suddenly become lost in your purse or pocket forcing you to look for it right then rather than making eye contact? “I’m sorry, I  just see you standing there ringing your bell because I needed that very important, um, critical…thingey that was stuck..in the …um, thingey.

During our board meeting this week I encouraged our amazing board members to develop their elevator speech about The Sparrow’s Nest. I wanted us to intentionally think through this exercise so we would be ready to share our ministry with anyone on a moment’s notice. I encouraged them to start by thinking of someone in their life that loves them unconditionally and without a doubt is proud of them. Then I asked them to think about what 3 words that person would use to describe them. Would it be beautiful, handsome,or  godly? What about  innovative, hard-working, or creative?

Chris Brogan comes up with 3 words each year rather than resolutions. He says he comes up with three words that will be his guiding pillars for what he will focus on in the coming year. On his blog he states “instead of resolutions, which don’t usually help me very much, I work hard on using these words as a lighthouse for my actions and efforts.”

If I could just have a moment of your time I’d like to share  my 3 words for The Sparrow’s Nest in 2011:




Now granted 2 of my 3 words are technically 2 words themselves but let’s get past that.:)


Everything we do at The Sparrow’s Nest is motivated by what has been done for us at the cross. We can show grace, mercy, and love because we have been given a full measure of grace, mercy, and love. We can share compassion, forgiveness, and peace because we have been shown compassion, forgiveness, and peace.


Whenever I talk with our incredible volunteers and board members, or share our mission with the community there is definite sense of positive anticipation and  a charge of electric excitement. I translate that energy into hope. We are hope filled not because we know without a doubt this mission will come to fruition in the near future but we are hope filled because we know we have an amazing opportunity to share this hope with those vulnerable and scared young girls. We are hope-filled because we know all of us working together will be able to transfer this hope to our community to make a lasting impact.


The Sparrow’s Nest is driven in 2011. We have a strong sense of urgency to get this ministry started. This does not mean at all that we will cut corners in any way. We will jump through any hoop we need to to and bound over any obstacle in our way but we will continue to push through with gazelle intensity to accomplish this goal. The sooner we get through all the protocol the sooner we can start helping those in need. The more people we have helping to reach this goal the quicker we can get going.

These are the 3 words I’ve chosen for The Sparrow’s Nest Maternity Home. We will continue to pray without ceasing. We will continue to follow the Holy Spirit. We will continue to be obedient to God’s calling.

What 3 words to do pick for yourself this year?