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You’ve got a freakin’ gold mine!

The average household has $90 in change laying around

We hear a lot of people telling us that they really can’t afford to donate much to The Sparrow’s Nest right now. Times are tough. And believe me. We get that! It’s kinda the reason we’re coming into existence. However, Coinstar® reminds us that there is forgotten money hiding in our homes.  The average American household has a coin stash of  about $90 just waiting to be put to good use. Like helping the fund a home for teens and their precious little babies.

So if you thought you couldn’t give anything, or first thought at most you could only give $25 or so start looking around your house.

To mine for money in your house, follow these steps from the Live on Cash Blog:

  1. Prospect in the most obvious spots first:  pants pockets, handbags, backpacks, coat pockets, etc.
  2. Look for “piggy” and other types of coin banks.  Half of American families keep change in a coin bank of some type.
  3. Check behind chests-of-drawers and cabinets, under beds, refrigerators, dressers, and nightstands, any place where coins might end up after falling on the floor.  28% of the time you will find coins in random locations such as these.
  4. Search out cups, mugs, jars, and other containers.  71% of Americans keep their coins in receptacles of some type.
  5. Explore beneath the cushions and in the cracks of upholstered furniture.  There is a 1 in 5 chance you will find coins there.
  6. Hunt through your washer and dryer.  36% of coins have been “laundered”.
  7. Rummage through drawers.  A third of American families keep coins in drawers.
  8. Comb through your car, especially the glove compartment, under the seats, the cracks within and between seats, and under floor mats.

You don’t even need to count it. Put your stash in a coffee can, a ziploc bag, or chinese food container. We’ll take it to the bank and then issue you a tax-ductible receipt.

And you thought you couldn’t afford to donate to The Sparrow’s Nest this year.:)

After you go on your coin scavenger hunt, let us know the most unusual place you found money. What was the highest amount you found?

Happy Mining!


Fa La La La La


Image by Monica's Dad via Flickr

Did I seriously just hear a bell ringer? Is it just me or is anyone else in denial that the holidays are upon us? Does anyone else find it just a bit disconcerting for retailers to have beach toys, Halloween candy, and Christmas decorations displayed all together at the same time in their seasonal department?

Hopefully you’ve turned the calendar page and marked down all the Sparrow events for the rest of this year but I’d also like you to start looking ahead with us. We have less than 12 months to go for the launch of The Sparrow’s Nest. We are still on track to open in July 2012 but we need you to help us stay the course.

This makes me wonder if Grandma really needs another bottle of lotion. Or does Aunt Sally really another frame or coffee cup. Doesn’t Uncle Bob have enough sweaters?

As you’re starting to think about your holiday giving consider making a considerable donation of $25, $50, or $100 in honor of your special someone. We’ll make sure they are notified of your gift with a special Christmas card.

Gifts made represent a gift to the entire mission of The Sparrow’s Nest. To help get the doors open for our Build The Nest project we use your gifts where they can do the most good by pooling them with the gifts of others to help Build The Nest. And, because you are helping The Sparrow’s Nest save unborn babies and empower young mothers, your gift is tax deductible.

Don’t worry about what’s in your hand.

a musical present

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There is nothing in the world so much like prayer as music is.  ~William P. Merrill

For weeks I have been asking for money gifts which is an odd use of words really. When you think of a gift you usually associate it with an unsolicited favor of love or friendship or celebration to mark a significant spot in time. Sometimes I feel like I’m applying for a job or a loan. But most of the time I am pleasantly surprised by what people decide to give The Sparrow’s Nest.

This month we have received diapers and wipes from a 5 year old’s birthday party. I have a couch, 2 chairs, and some end tables waiting for a living room. A copier is waiting for us to pick up. A woman has envelopes and stamps she would like to give to us. And then there’s the 16,008 other gifts we received in the past 14 days.

One of the most beautiful, most godly gifts we have been given we received last night. In the sanctuary of Zion Lutheran a small crowd gathered to hear the most heartfelt lyrics, the most innocent voices, and the most beautiful music I have heard in quite a while. We were fabulously blessed by the talents of Jonathan and Anita Clausing, The Lutheran High Chapel Band, and Harts on Strings. There was no pretense of professionalism, although each performer was of that caliber. No aura of authority, although each performer could have easily commanded it. Instead there was simple joy of sharing God given talent to spread love and grace and unity.

Yes, we still need lots of gifts of money. We are over halfway through our first goal of $30,000. There is no way around getting off the ground without lots of beautiful people giving back lots of what God has given them. But I still stand by that God will use anything you have to offer and He will multiply it as added blessings in your life and blessings for this ministry.

The story of the widow giving her last 2 coins in Mark 12:41-44 is powerful. Dan Maynes says the widow teaches us these things:

*The widow was noticed by God and Jesus. The people who gave out of their wealthy were noticed by their friends

* The widow’s offering of everything she had was a sign of complete abandonment to God.

* The size of the widow’s offering wasn’t the point. What really matters is the intention of her heart.

* The key to understanding this concept is understanding that it is not what is in your hand, rather what is in your heart that will build intimacy with God.

Offer your prayer, offer the people God has placed in your life that may help Sparrow, offer your gifts and talents, offer the $5 in your  piggybank but don’t miss out on the blessings by thinking you have nothing of value to offer.