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A Little Mis-Communication with God Goes Along Way

Today’s lesson for me seemed like it was going to yet another one about  God‘s timing. Had I written this post this morning it would have been about being patient, waiting upon the Lord, finding our satisfaction in Him. All perfectly good and enduring qualities. However, I would have had the Eyeore piety tone. The tone of just doing things because we’re suppose to not because we find real happiness in the discipline. I was feeling discouraged this morning because I had gone to the IRS website to track our application to become a 501C organization. The news I found sounded like it might be another 6 months before our application was even reviewed.  I had been praying that God would grant us that 501C3 status in 30 days rather than the average 90 days so I could hit 2011 running to start funding this vision. I lowered my head, sent an email to our attorney requesting clarification , muttered a prayer about trusting God in all things and went on with my day.

I checked my email a couple of hours later and Dan Cooper had replied explaining those six month delays were for applications that needed further development and he had taken it up on himself to call the IRS to see about our status. The IRS representative told him The Sparrow’s Nest had been approved a WEEK AGO and that we should receive our determination letter in 10-14 business days! I went through about 50 emotions in a 30 second time period.

The feelings that rang through after my initial elation and celebration is why do I still feel like I’m not good enough to be heard by God. I do not doubt His might and strength and providence. I do not doubt He expects me to pray to Him. But I think I still doubt I am doing it right, or maybe He has issue with my motivation for prayer, or really it always comes down I still do not feel worthy. Despite all the evidence Satan can still convince me that I am the one not covered by Christ’s blood.

God and I have already had a little talk this afternoon clearing up that little mis-communication. We’ve agreed where He leads I will follow.

We’re excited at The Sparrow’s Nest about our status and the opportunities it will give to so many to share generously with us. But aside from that please take time to pray for those who will be coming through our doors who don’t find themselves worthy to approach the throne of the Lord. Pray they can always feel they can climb up into the lap of their Daddy and feel His grace, love,  and mercy.