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“Open Ourselves to Doing”

Do you ever feel bogged down by the mundane? Who am kidding? Of course you do. We all get caught up in the things we think we’re suppose to do. Especially as a woman I feel like I’m a constant tug of war of caring for everyone else whether it’s meal preparations, dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, helping with homework, breaking up kid fights, balancing church life, serving in the community, exercising, eating right,  and the list can go on and on and on. Sometimes it’s hard to lift our heads up and see what’s going on outside of our own little world. It’s hard to even have time to be inspired to do something other than the million other things we are already doing.

I just saw the most amazing interview by Ann Curry on the Today Show. She interviewed Ruth Gruber. Never heard of her? Me either but she has moved to the top of my list of “People I Really Want to Meet. ” Ruth Gruber was born in 1911 in Brooklyn NY to Jewish immigrants. She is a very tiny petite woman who will turn 100 years old in September. In a time when women were trained as housewives and maybe teachers, Ruth earned her bachelor and master’s degrees by the time she was 19. She went on to study in Germany and earned her PhD in one year becoming the youngest person the world to carry out that accommodation.  She became a journalist and photographer and  documented some of the most horrifying parts of the Holocaust during World War II in Hitler’s Nazi Germany.  One of the most heroic things she ever did was to escort 1000 Jewish and Christian refugees to sanctuary in the U.S. Ann Curry asked Ruth what made her decide to take on something so dangerous . Ruth’s answers resonated with me. She responded with ” For years I had been saying ‘why don’t we do something?’ so I decided to do something.”

She went on to say “We have to open ourselves to doing.”

I cannot truthfully put the horrible atrocities of the Holocaust in the same class of teen pregnancy. But what I can take from this is the absolute inspiration of Ruth Gruber. She saw a need and filled it. She didn’t start in the negative of what she didn’t have but she started with her strengths of who God had already made her to be. She used the  gifts and talents and passions she already possessed  to save 1000 Jews and Christians  and to share with the world the story of countless thousands of other victims.

This kind of inspirational story fires me up. Whenever I doubt my abilities. Whenever I doubt my motivations. Whenever I doubt my resources, God shows me ordinary people doing extraordinary things. When  I turn and look at the people God has already sent to The Sparrow’s Nest, those amazing volunteers who are just like me, just trying to figure this thing out as we go along this journey Our volunteers are  using the things they know best. I’m telling you, I am blown away.

Ruth Gruber is one of my new heroes. Ruth Gruber is a new source of inspiration for me. However, The Sparrow’s Nest volunteers are a tangible source of inspiration I can turn to and touch everyday.

Who inspires you to be more? Who are your heroes?