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It Isn’t Right That…

A year ago God opened my eyes to an injustice in my community. He boldly pushed me to fill in the sentence “It Isn’t Right That….” I can fill that in with so many wrong things in the world. Wrong things that leave me broken hearted. Issues like child abuse, poverty, and bad water sources, that can leave me feeling powerless and immobilize me to do anything about it.

In this season of my life I’m addressing the injustice that It Isn’t Right That Children Having Children Don’t Have A Safe Place To Stay. I’m not justifying these young women’s choices. I’m not trying to make it cool to be an unwed teen mother. But in my heart it is not right that a teen mom should be convinced that her only option is to abort her child or that if she chooses to parent her child that somehow that life should be one of burden and lost dreams. It’s just not right.There are worse things in life than an unplanned pregnancy

We are embarking on a whirlwind 12 months. We have so much to accomplish and we need your help. We need volunteers to step up and knock out some of these details that we need to be successful. We need volunteers to draft policy and procedure. We need volunteers to plan and staff events. We need volunteers to draft grant proposals. We need volunteers to make connections in the community and set up meetings with influential people.

God is doing amazing things in our community. You know you possess these skills to help us. Or  you know someone who does. Or you have a stirring deep within you that you want to do something more. You want to get in and make a difference. You’re just not sure what that is.

Mark your calendar today for Tuesday, August 16th for our next volunteer information meeting at 6:30 p.m. Bring a friend, bring your small group from church, send a representative from your civic group. Let’s get fired up and right this wrong now!

How would you finish the sentence “It Isn’t Right That…” What social injustice has God opened your eyes to this summer?


You’re so right. We can’t make a difference.

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I really thought I was going to throw up this morning before the RUSH 5K Run. I really wondered once again if God was going to come through for us. I was so nervous and worried that all  the thought, all the planning, all the meetings, all the to-do lists for this race, would be for nothing. I thought the river might flood. I thought the weather would continue to be awful. What if the water wasn’t delivered? What if the porta potties weren’t delivered? What if one of the kid runners gets hurt? What if the timing crashes for the runners? What if no one comes?

And then they came. Literally almost 200 hundred people showed up this morning for our first major fundraiser. Some heard about our program for the first time ever. The weather was amazing! Extra cups appeared out of nowhere! Volunteers stepped up and did phenomenal things! There were hitches but most of the participants didn’t even notice. Children were happy and running around. People just handed me checks like it was no big deal. Our partnership with Bridgeway was a complete blessing. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

God came through in ways I can’t even imagine.

As you have probably noticed, most days I totally doubt I’m the one to do this. Like Moses, I question God everyday “are you sure I’m the one to get to started?” Until today I thought He was answering “Yes, you are the one to get this started. If not you, who will? ”

Today I heard what He has really been saying.

“You’re right. You’re not the one to get this started. ”

“I am.”

If you’re like me and have any doubts of the difference you can make in the mission of The Sparrow’s Nest then rest easy. No more questioning. You can’t make a difference.

But I challenge you to see how God can move through you to make a difference in this community. To make a difference in the lives of these girls forever. I challenge you to allow God to work a legacy through your life.

What do you think God can accomplish through you?

Service Above Self

Recently was inducted into the Cottleville Weldon Spring Rotary Club. If you are not familiar with this service group “Rotary International is the world’s first service club organization, with more than 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs worldwide. Rotary club members are volunteers who work locally, regionally, and internationally to combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, provide education and job training, promote peace, and eradicate polio under the motto Service Above Self”. You can find out more at http://www.rotary.org.

I was drawn to the organization for its service to my specific community but I absolutely loved how Rotary views each individual community as a piece of the larger picture of the world as whole. I love the motto of “Service Above Self.”

This week is  National Volunteer Week and I  just wanted to take a few moments to thank those of you who have already jumped in with both feet for The Sparrow’s Nest. One of my prayers is that I can clearly communicate this vision to people around me and that God would send me people who are passionate about our community and passionate about serving people who are sometimes difficult to love.

I am so emotionally moved by all the people God has sent our way. Each person brings their own motivation for wanting to help. But what absolutely astonishes me is that each person comes with their own unique set of gifts and talents.

We have volunteers like Scott who is our own individual IT department for the website. We have volunteers like Shelley that love the research required to find about ordinances and code. Other volunteers like Kelly  can write beautiful thank you cards or Carla can gather diapers and wipes like nobody’s business. I’m blown away by volunteers like Ember, Pam, Kate, or Jimmy who see an event, can dissect it into manageable pieces, and get it all done with grace and speed. Have I told you about our high school volunteers who serve at our fundraiser and students like Kristin who are even planning their own fundraiser for us? Have you seen Ms Kay and Ms LaJuana ask me how they can pray for us? I know the volunteers who are waiting to serve the young women are already praying and dreaming. And I haven’t even gotten to our incredible board yet. Kevin, Susan, Scott, Marla, Cesar, and Amber work so hard to make these dreams into realities.

We have very little financial resources and as a non profit that will just always be our reality. I’ve come to the understanding that fundraising will always be a fact of life for me. But our strength lies in our volunteers. So many people coming from so many backgrounds with so many things to offer.

It is a beautiful thing to watch a legacy being formed.

So for myself and for The Sparrow’s Nest we join non profit organizations around the country celebrating volunteers, those who view service above themselves. There is no way we could have accomplished so much in so little time without your service, love, and sacrifice.

May God richly bless all that you touch this week.

Cheers for Volunteers

I cannot wait to see where God is taking this

Our calendar is filling up fast with so many exciting ways for us to connect with the community and to raise those much needed funds to be able to open as soon as possible. One of the things I love the most about this type of venture is we can literally use whatever you have to offer. We can also put to work any age from about 16-96. Right now, we have obvious needs of people with fundraising skills and grant writing skills, as well as marketing and publicity skills. But say you have a love of gardening or music, I can figure out how to use your passion right now but definitely when we start accepting girls. Do you like to scrapbook, crochet, or read? You may not realize it but those things you love can be used to serve others. Do you enjoy taking pictures, writing, or just shooting the breeze. We have a spot for you.

Bottom line: Whatever you have to offer, God can use.

I’ve listed just a few short term projects that we would love to have your help with. Look over these opportunities. Pray how God wants you to be used. And then get back to me. I cannot wait to see where God is taking this.


RUSH: 5K Run Uniting and Strengthening Families April 30
Planning Committee: Currently meets every other Th from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at 1388 Briarcreek Dr. St. Charles MO. Next meeting: 2/10
Committee Chair: Ember Figgins

Sponsorship Committee: Procure area business and civic group support through financial or in-kind donations.

Project Nest Egg March 9-April 23:
Assemble nest egg kits and distribute to area preschools, PDO’s and MOP groups before March 9
Follow up with one or two emails and/or phone calls
Collect donations after April 23
Committee Chair: Susan Zimmerling

Benefit Concert May 13  7 p.m. at Zion Lutheran Church, 3866 Harvester Rd., St. Charles, MO

The Hart Family & Friends, Jon & Anita Clausing & Friends
Planning Committee: Publicity, Set-up/take-down, sales of CD’s
Committee Chair: Kate Thoelke

Shotgun Scramble October 8 The Falls at Turtle Creek
Sponsorship Committee: Procure area business and civic group support through financial or in-kind donations
Prize Committee: Determine and access prize donations for tournament and individual contests
Player Committee: Recruit and register 72 players
Marketing Committee: Advertise event on area event calendars, design ads for golf program, develop marketing tools such as social networking, fliers, mailings, and signage
Silent Auction: Procure donated items to be used in the silent auction
Committee Chair: To be determined

TSN Birthday Gala tentative date: November 12 Location TBA
Sponsorship Committee: Procure area business and civic group support through financial or in-kind donations
Entertainment Committee: Organize entertainment for the evening.
Decoration Committee: Gather donations to decorate banquet hall. Set up and tear down before and after event.
Marketing Committee: Design fliers, invitations, ads for Gala Program, signage for sponsors
Committee Chair: Marla Stover